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Not.Club Members : Conditions you accept when you a pre-order from us

When you pre-order you accept and acknowledge the condition that if you would like to ask for an 'order status' you must first look at the 'Release Status' page and/or the 'Bootleg Release Status' page depending on title - and that it is your responsibility to look at both pages if you are unsure for which page applies.

These 'Release Status' pages will tell you everything that can be told as to where every release is and ultimately where your order is. As it was extremely time consuming to answer individual questions for every pre-order, we created the 'Release Status' page to both inform but/and also to cut down on repetitive work answering the question, 'when will I receive my order', or as some would say, 'are we nearly there yet', are we nearly there yet' ... :-)

So we should not need to have to answer questions about 'order status' relating to pre-ordered items. We need to focus on so many other important jobs, as well as to our mutual love of Elvis (with no doubt you!) running the fan club website with news, reviews, articles, photos, videos and so much - all 100% Elvis Presley, for 20 years now, since 1996! Thank you for reading this page, and thank you in advance for helping us be more efficient.

If your message is related to our SHOP, please contact the shop!!!


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Please first check the relevent Release Page via the links above for pre-ordered items. (Thank you!!).


For anything to do with the shop, order status, anything you wish to buy; please contact ElvisPresleyShop.com

ElvisPresleyShop.com : The Official Elvis Presley Shop : For Elvis Fans Only.

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It is NOT possible for us to respond to all mail, nor even most. If your question relates to the shop, anything you wish to buy; please contact ElvisPresleyShop.com - for priority responses.